Exclusive Offer: Get Your Very Own Turnkey Real Estate Wholesaling Business (a $2997 Value) Setup By Me & My Team


That's right for a limited time my team and I will personally setup the same systems & processes, I'm talking my whole infastructure that I have in place for my real estate business for YOU. This way you can have a real estate business that runs profitably on autopilot whether you work 5 hours or 25 hours a week. 

Time + Money = Freedom

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How Will I Benefit From This If I'm Just Starting Out?

Important Note: I’m sorry, but this exclusive offer is NOT available in MY market of Tampa FL.

I'll personally set up the entire infastructure and all of the SYSTEMS of your real estate business so that you can finally have a business that generates profits on autopilot.

You will get a clone of my highly successful house flipping business set up exclusively for you in your area. 

Haven't closed your first deal yet? Brand new to the business? Don't know where to start. No worries this program is created for you to go from Rookie Novice to Pro with a few deal under your belt in just a couple of months. 

Watch our video now to get more information on what all will come with this program.

What's Included In The Business In A Box Program: Everything You Need to Buy, Control & Flip Houses With.  

Exactly how do you flip houses without owning them or using any of your own money?

We have the answer in our Business in a box program. You'll recieve instant access to REI Wealth Academy 2.0 training course.  

In this 20-video course, we'll walk you step-by-step through the specific strategies you need to know for finding cheap discounted houses, controlling them using our 2 page legal contracts, then flipping them to cash buyers for $5k, $10k, $15k + profits and much more. 

You're going to need a CRM to store all your seller & buyer leads contact information. That's why we're going to custom build your Podio Lead Management System so your business will go wherever you go. Podio works on all mobile and Ipad devices. You'll literally have your whole business at the palm of your hands. 

Don't worry if you're non techie guy or gal like me. It's extremley built super user friendly with deep video walk through tutorials on how to navigate the system. 

Get Access To Our Complete Marketing Systems To Keep Your Phone Ringing With Motivated Sellers & Cash Buyers

Unique, Easy-to-Use Marketing Postcards 

  • No more licking stamps or stuffing envelopes. You'll be able to send direct mail campaigns literally with a click of a button. You'll have pre-loaded templates that have resulted in 2%-10% response rates

Works With Any Budget 

  • Funds kind of tight? No worries our postcard system works with any budget. Postcards as low as 43 cents per postcard (including stamps). We actually prefer you to start sending small campaigns from 250-500 then quickly scaling once you start to see a ROI. 

How to Never Lose A $ Dime Of Your Money On Marketing

  • No more throwing away thousands of dollars on campaigns which produce lackluster numbers. Using our follow up system you'll see HUGE ROI's on your campaigns. Which will make it easier to scale your business. 

How To Locate Super Targeted Owners Willing To Sell Their Property Today

  • We're going to supply you with 1,500 Targeted Motivated Seller Leads (some with phone numbers) with Call Scripts Pre-Built In Your Podio Account 
  • Also 100 + Landlord Rehabber Investor Cash Buyer Leads With Call Scripts so you can rest assure that you'll have a buyer for all your deals. 

What's A Progra Without Being Held Accountable?

  • For the next 90 days I'm going to hold you by the hand to get you your first or next deal closed.

Daily Assignments & Tasks From Me

  • You'll know everyday what action steps you need to be taking to get to that closing table. I'll be assigning you daily tasks to check off your to do list. I'll also send you friendly reminders through email or text.

Access to All My Real Estate Contracts

  • You'll have access to my Purchase contracts that legally protect your interest in every deal. You'll also get state contracts, joint venture contracts, even the contract I make my team members sign with detailed tutorials on how to fill them out and when to use them. 

Instant Access to Call Scripts & Templates

  • Once you login to our backoffice you'll have access to all our Voicemail, Cash Buyer, Motivated Seller, & Cold Call Scripts to ensure you always know what to say. Never get tongue twisted when talking to a seller or buyer the script will guide you to lead the call. 

Instant Access To Our Private Facebook Group

1. Will this program work for me if I"m Brand new? Yes many of our clients have started off brand new with no previous experience

2. How long will it take me to do a deal? We can never predict a certain time because it depends on how fast paced you move and how much action you take, your mindset being positive, etc. We will provide all of the tools you need to be successful but it's naturally up to you to implement what we teach. 

3. What type of budget will I need for Marketing a month? Well using the mailing house we recommend on average to send 500 postcards out will run you about $212. If you can commit to sending at least this amount twice a month you're well on your way to getting a deal. We also provide cold calling & house hunter strategies that don't require any money out your pocket. 

4. Do I need a real estate license to get started? No you do not, you'll be acting as an Investor in the transaction so no licenses or certifications are needed. 

5. Are there any guarantees? Yes we gurantee if you put the work in and do what we say you'll make money. You've saw the testimonials up top. All of those woman and men put the work in. If you're lazy and just want money to magically appear this program is not for you. 

6. What's the investment to get into the program? We currently have no idea if you are an ideal candidate for this program, or if it's even something you want to commit to.  

If we determine a mutual fit, and you need what we offer, the investment is very fairBut bottom line -- price is irrelevant until we know more about your current situation and if we are the best and most appropriate solution.. 

7. Does this come with any coaching from you? Yes you'll get a invite sent to you bi-weekly to attend our group coaching calls. As well as you'll be getting coached from me through coach accountale for 90 days.

Still have questions? 

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